Instant Letter Writing Kit
Do you ever find yourself "spinning your wheels" when you need to write a business or personal letter? If you do, this unique letter writing kit was created to help you get back on track. Using the real-life templates in this kit, you will never have to stare at a blank screen or empty page again when you need to write an important letter.

What makes this Kit so powerful is that it is a comprehensive letter-writing "how-to" style guide COMBINED WITH over 100 professionally written, fully-formatted, full length, real-life letter templates for both business and personal situations. In fact, extensive online research over a period of years confirms that the letters included in this Kit cover more than 99% of ALL letters ever written or requested.

Instant Letter Writing Kit "Instant Letter Writing Kit is a completely unique and comprehensive letter writing toolkit that will help you write EVERY kind of letter. It combines a letter writing style guide full of tips, tricks, advice and pointers WITH more than 100 fully-formatted real-life templates that can be downloaded straight into your word processor. The letter templates in the Kit are based on five years of research into the actual letters that people are most often searching for online, and they represent over 99% of ALL letters ever written or requested. This Kit will help you write every kind of letter you'll ever need to write."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Letter Writing Kit:

  • One-stop comprehensive letter-writing style guide full of tips, tricks, pointers, information and samples; all detailing exactly how to produce EVERY kind of letter just like a professional would. (It's a 225 page style guide with sample letter templates that you can download straight into Adobe Reader right now).

  • More than 100 fully-formatted real-life templates that cover more than 99% of English language letters EVER written or requested in the entire world. That's right, the entire world.

  • All 107 sample letters are provided to you in a separate templates file (MS-Word format) that you can download straight into your word processor and instantly copy, cut and paste any way you like.

  • Special Bonus writing-help eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use my proprietary "Template Adaptation Method" to quickly and easily turn ANY letter template into a customized high quality letter that will meet your requirements.

  • Dozens of tips, tricks, pointers and insider information, on how to write the vast majority of letters that you will ever need to write.

  • Bonus letter writing resources chapter that contains my personally researched list of the Top 25 Letter Writing Sites online PLUS my personal short-list of Top Letter Writing Reference Books.

  • My personal and professional guarantee that if you find a letter writing requirement NOT covered by my real-life templates, I will write your letter for you - for free!

  • 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee should you find that your use of the Kit does not save you time, trouble, and money and give you professional quality letters.

  • Powerful arsenal of letter writing tools that will allow you to quickly and easily produce professional letters for every business and personal situation.

If you need high quality, professional letters for any business or personal situation, in a hurry, Instant Letter Writing Kit will give you that capability. This is the ONLY letter writing resource that is entirely based on the actual letters that people write and request, worldwide.

In addition to providing extensive letter writing tips, advice, pointers and info, for writing ALL types of business and personal letters, the Kit includes sample templates of the world's "most written" letters including: recommendation letters, resignation letters, thank you letters, reference letters, business letters, complaint letters, cover letters, sales letters, introduction letters, apology letters, application letters, termination letters, acceptance letters, donation letters, appreciation letters, invitation letters, love letters, letters of intent, letters of interest, letters of credit, marketing letters, rejection letters, invoice letters, collection letters, and many more.

You will not find another comprehensive letter writing resource like this anywhere else -- with both a comprehensive style guide AND downloadable real-life templates -- because one simply doesn't exist.

Download Now for only $29.97
This price was just slashed by 30%!

Simply click on the above link and you will be taken to the Order Page which will then route you to the Secure Payment Page. After you make your online payment in a fully-encrypted high-security environment you will be taken directly to the Download Page where you will be given detailed instructions telling you how to quickly and easily download the ebooks and templates straight onto your computer's hard drive.

So, in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes from now you can be using this Kit to help you draft your own personal and business letters. It really is that easy!

Download Now for only $29.97
This price was just slashed by 30%!

If you want a more detailed description of what Instant Letter Writing Kit is all about, you can click right here.

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