Instant Letter Writing Kit
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Instant Letter Writing Kit
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597 Business Letters

597 Business Letters Library is the perfect complement for Instant Letter Writing Kit. Although its letters are not formatted real-life templates, there are a lot of them, covering many different and often unusual situations. So, when you combine these two products you'll have an awesome letter writing capability!

Here's a summary of what 597 Business Letters Library will give you…

597 business letters and forms that you can easily use in conjunction with the info and templates in Instant Letter Writing Kit to create professional letters.

Over 100 common business forms and templates that you can easily adapt to cover your own situation.

Simple point and click software; you just click on the icon and the program automatically loads into your browser and gives you instant access to the templates.

Quick and easy keyword search tool that allows you to find the letter or form you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Easy access display window that allows you to easily copy your letter or form text and paste it into your word processing program (i.e. MS-Word).

Free bonus consultation with this author, by e-mail or telephone, on any letter writing project that you undertake using the Kit.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you not at least recover 3 times the cost of the Kit in the first two months you use it.

Combining the writing, formatting and style information in Instant Letter Writing Kit, with the sheer number of letter and form templates in 597 Business Letter Library will give you a powerful arsenal of over 700 general AND business letters and forms!

This is a One-Two Letter Writing Combination that is simply unmatched anywhere online or offline!

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Price Just Slashed By 30%!
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